Toshiba Starts Sample Shipments of Dual Camera Module Enabling Simultaneous Output of Images and Depth Data

December 20, 2013

Contributes to Create a Wide Range of Applications Including Post Focus on Images after Taking Picture

Dual camera module "TCM9518MD" and dedicated image processing LSI

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it will start sample shipments of "TCM9518MD", for application in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, on January 31, 2014. The new product is the industry's first[1] dual camera module to incorporate twin 1/4 inch optical format 5-megapixel CMOS camera modules (5 megapixels × 2 arrays), which simultaneously outputs recorded images and depth data.

The dedicated image processing LSI of the "TCM9518MD" measures and appends depth data to objects in the image. Used in combination with customers' applications, the module supports new photo functions, including focus and defocus, and even allows objects in photographs to be extracted and erased.

The image processing LSI generates 13-megapixel images by upscaling images taken by the twin 5-megapixel cameras, realizing a lower module height than that of conventional 13 megapixel camera modules[2].


Cameras for cell phones, smartphones and tablet PCs

Key Features of New Product

  • Simultaneous output of depth data (Depth Map) and deep focus image[3], supporting functions which include focus and defocus, and even to extract and erase objects from the picture, in combination with customer's applications.
  • Output of 13-megapixel image, generated by the dedicated image processing LSI and the twin 5-megapixel cameras of the module.
  • Digital focus function, which enables to adjust the point of focus without mechanism to move lenses.

Main Specifications

Part Number TCM9518MD
Output Resolution 13 megapixels
Sensor and Resolution 5 megapixels × 2
Optical Size 1/4 inch × 2
Pixel Size 1.4 micrometer
Module Size 18.0 × 12.0 × 4.65 mm



  • [1] For dual camera module with the companion LSI which output depth data. Source: Toshiba, as of December 2013.
  • [2] Generally for single camera modules, a bigger output image size requires a higher camera module. This product is lower than commercial 13-megapixel camera modules. Source: Toshiba, as of December 2013.
  • [3] Images in which foreground and background and all points in between are in focus


For further information about this product, please visit:

Customer Inquiries
Image Sensor Sales & Marketing Department
Tel: +81-3-3457-3370


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