Environmental Communication

We emphasize environmental communication with the local community and promote activities where employees participate

Environmental issues cannot be resolved in a day. We believe it is important to first look at the environment and aim at preservation of the ecosystem and structuring of a recycle-oriented society and then gradually widen the circle.

No matter how hard particular individuals or companies struggle, we alone cannot expect good environmental results. It is only when local people, local governments, and local companies cooperate that a road to resolution will open up. We believe one of the most important elements in corporate environmental activities is the communication with local communities.

The Semiconductor & Storage Products Company Group develops environmental communication activities and our local employees participate in the areas of our manufacturing bases both in and out of Japan. In this chapter, we introduce environmental communication results from our Oita Operations, Himeji Semiconductor Operations, and our semiconductor plant in Thailand. We also present our commendations and awards earned in Japan and overseas and our web-based environmental public relations activities.

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