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Toshiba offers a wide variety of MOSFETs that help reduce product size and power consumption, such as MOSFETs in ultra-small, thin packages and those with ultra-low ON-resistance that can be driven at a low voltage.

All about Toshiba's New-Generation Power MOSFETs

Toshiba has decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of discrete MOSFETs. Its main products include the mid- to high-voltage DTMOSⅣ Series with a VDSS of 600 V or so and the low-voltage U-MOS Ⅷ-H Series with a VDSS of 30 to 250 V. This article presents an interview with the engineers who were in charge of the development of these MOSFETs.  More »

Introduction to the New-Generation Power MOSFET products

Highlights of the Latest Low-VDSS MOSFETs
Highlights of the Latest Mid- to High-VDSS MOSFETs
Introduction to Toshiba’s Small Low-On-Resistance MOSFETs
Automotive MOSFETs


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