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Applications Semiconductor Recommended Device Features
PFC Circuit IGBTs GT30J122A
Low loss
General-purpose switches Small-signal transistors 2SA1162(PNP) / 2SC2712(NPN) SOT-346(S-Mini)2in1
2SA1586(PNP) / 2SC4116(NPN) SOT-323(USM)2in1
RN24xx(PNP) / RN14xx(NPN) SOT-346(S-Mini) ;bias resistor built-in transistors
RN23xx(PNP) / RN13xx(NPN) SOT-323(USM) ;bias resistor built-in transistors

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Single-Chip Inverter ICs (IPDs) for Brushless DC Motors

Available in the DIP26 Package

Package Features
  • 3.6-mm body thickness
  • Control and high-voltage pins are completely isolated.
  • Wide lead pitches
    (High-voltage pins: 3.8 mm; control pins: 2.0 mm)
  • Reduced thermal resistance(IGBTs of the TPD4135K: 3.1°C/W)
Device Features
  • The bootstrap operation eliminates the need for a power supply for high-side drivers.
  • Built-in bootstrap diodes
  • Overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown and undervoltage protection.

Image of the DIP26 Package.

TPD4135K Block Diagram

Block diagram of TPD4135K.


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