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Technology about Toshiba SSD and HDD is introduced in this site.

SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive)

What do you need more for your PC, High performance or Large Capacity?
Powered by Toshiba NAND Flash Technology, Toshiba SSHD offers both performance and capacity for High End Notebook PCs and Ultrathin Notebook PCs computing without compromise.


We will show how Toshiba's sprit of Innovation influenced the development of HDDs, allowing us to be the first in the world to realize certain technologies as well as those that opened up new markets.

An introduction to HDDs

These pages explains in a friendly way everything from the structure of a hard disk drive (HDD) and the history of HDDs, to slightly complicated technical matters.

An introduction to SSDs

An Introduction to SSDs These pages explain about the basic structure and types of SSDs in easy-to-understand language.

I want to know more about SSDs and HDDs!

Learn about the features of SSDs and HDDs by comparing their recording methods and performance.

Advanced Format Overview

:This page explain Advanced Format (AF), a new standard that improves formatting efficiency.

Technical Documents

This page introduces an HDD industry first technology developed by Toshiba. Storage Products related papers from TOSHIBA REVIEW and others. and This page explains in an easy to understand manner the development of HDD technology, including its history, the current cutting edge technologies gaining attention, and the future prospects for HDDs.


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