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Magnetic Sensors

Digital-output magnetic sensors that are switched on and off by sensing the magnetic flux density of a permanent magnet. The magnetic sensors available in two versions: the highly sensitive TCS10/11 Series and the standard TCS20 Series. These devices are ideal for open/close sensing for a variety of applications, such as Cell phones, NotePCs, DSC and DVC cameras.


Ideal for applications with open/close contacts.
  • Senses the magnetic flux density in the vertical field.
  • Provides a digital output.
  • Senses the South pole, North pole or Both poles.

Switch Configuration

This illustration shows an example of the switch configuration of a digital-output magnetic sensor.

Application Examples

These are examples of digital-output magnetic sensor applications.

Product Lineup

Digital-Output Magnetic Sensors Product Lineup
Sensed Pole Part Number Magnetic Flux Density Average Current Consumption Output Configuration Package
South pole TCS10SPU |BON| = 1.8 mT (Typ.)
|BOFF| = 0.8 mT (Typ.)
ICC = 5.5 µA (Typ.)
@VCC = 2.3 ~ 2.7 V
Push-pull UFV
TCS10SLU Open-drain
TCS11SLU Inverted output;
North pole TCS10NPU Push-pull
TCS10NLU Open-drain
TCS11NLU Inverted output;
Both poles TCS10DPU ICC = 8.5 µA (Typ.)
@VCC = 2.3 ~ 2.7 V
TCS10DLU Open-drain
TCS11DLU Inverted output;
TCS20DPR |BON| = 3.4 mT (Typ.)
|BOFF| = 2.0 mT (Typ.)
ICC = 7.3 µA (Typ.)
@VCC = 2.3 V
Push-pull SOT-23F
TCS20DLR Open-drain


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