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CMOS Image Sensors
  • To meet market needs for smaller form factor and higher performance, Toshiba has developed CMOS area image sensors with a 1.12-µm pixel pitch, reduced from the conventional 5.6 µm. The new image sensors are available with a wide range of resolution from VGA to over 10 million pixels.

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Power supply section

For open-close detection
Digital-output magnetic sensors

TCS10/11 Series / TCS20 Series

  • Magnetic sensors ideal for use in applications with open-close mechanisms


Display section

Digital-Output Magnetic Sensors

Toshiba’s magnetic sensors are designed to detect magnetic flux from a magnet and provide a digital output. Two series of magnetic sensors are available: the high-sensitivity TCS10 and TCS11 Series, and the standard TCS20 Series. These are suitable for applications with open-close mechanisms such as Cell phones, NotePCs, DSC and DVC cameras.

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