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New products of Optical Semiconductor Devices on one year in the past.

Reinforced Insulation Triac Output Photocouplers supporting Low Input Current Control: TLP267J, TLP268J

The package photograph of reinforced insulation Triac Output Photocouplers supporting low input current control: TLP267J, TLP268J.

Toshiba has released 600V Triac output photocouplers and added to its lineup: TLP267J, a NZC (Non Zero Cross) type, and TLP268J, a ZC (Zero Cross) type. (03 Apr, 2014)
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3.3A Large-Current Controllable Small Photorelay: TLP3107

The package photograph of 3.3A large-current controllable small photorelay: TLP3107.

Toshiba has launched a small photorelay TLP3107 based on the new-generation UMOS process, achieving 3.3A large-current control and 60 mΩ ON-state resistance. (31 Mar, 2014)
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Fiber-Coupler (TOSLINKTM): TOTX1350(F), TOTX1350(V,F) / TORX1350(F), TORX1350(V,F)

The package photograph of fiber-coupler (TOSLIN(TM)): TOTX1350(F), TOTX1350(V,F) / TORX1350(F), TORX1350(V,F).

Fiber optic transmitting modules TOTX1350(F) / TOTX1350(V,F) and fiber optic receiving modules TORX1350(F) / TORX1350(V,F) can send / receive signals from DC to 10 Mb/s with low consumption current using all plastic fiber (APF) to a maximum distance of 100 m. (31 Mar, 2014)
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2.3mm thin SO6L package gate driver coupler: TLP5701, TLP5702

The package photograph of 2.3mm thin SO6L package gate driver coupler:  TLP5701, TLP5702.

We have commercialized thin SO6L package gate driver couplers TLP5701 and TLP5702, capable of driving small capacity IGBT and power MOSFET directly. The output power of TLP5701 is 0.6A, and that of TLP5702 is 2.5A. (27 Mar, 2014)
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Ultra-small USOP4 package, low on-state resistance, high-pass characteristics photorelay: TLP3315

The package photograph of ultra-small USOP4 package, low on-state resistance, high-pass characteristics photorelay: TLP3315.

We have commercialized the ultra-small USOP4 package photorelay TLP3315. Both relays are suited to high-frequency signal transmission applications. (26 Mar, 2014)
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Low PWD IC Photocouplers for IPM Drives: TLP2345, TLP2348

The package photograph of low PWD IC photocouplers for IPM drives: TLP2345, TLP2348.

Two new photocouplers are now available for intelligent power module (IPM) drives. The TLP2345 and the TLP2348 can operate at high speed, high temperature and with low power consumption. (25 Dec, 2013)
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Plus / minus input operable High-speed Photocoupler for servo motors and PLCs: TLP2391

The package photograph of plus / minus input operable high-speed photocoupler for servo motors and PLCs: TLP2391.

Toshiba adds in our lineup a high-speed photocoupler TLP2391, which is operable in both plus and minus LED input currents, as a new product for servo motors and programmable controllers (PLCs). (19 Nov, 2013)
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High-Current TLP241A Added to the TLP240 Series of Low-Cost Photorelays in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation: TLP241A, TLP241AF

The package photograph of low-cost TLP240 photorelay series in DIP4 with reinforced insulation.

The high-current TLP241A has been added to the TLP240 series of low-cost photorelays in DIP4 with reinforced insulation. With a guaranteed maximum on-state current of 2A, it is particularly well suited for use in factory automation (FA), which requires the control of high current. (27 Sep, 2013)
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15Mbps Low-Power-Consumption Logic IC Coupler: TLP2361, TLP2161

The package photograph of 15Mbps low power consumption logic IC coupler: TLP2361, TLP2161.

The TLP2361/TLP2161 lineup of photocouplers can be driven with less power than conventional products and support a transfer rate of 15 Mbps. (26 Jul, 2013)
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Low Input Current-Type Transistor Couplers: TLP182, TLP183, TLP292, TLP293

The package photograph of low input current-type transistor couplers: TLP182, TLP183, TLP292, TLP293.

The TLP182 and TLP183 are low input current-type transistor output photocoupler utilizing the SO6 package. We are also releasing the TLP292 and TLP293, which utilize the smaller SO4 package. (19 Jul, 2013)
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White Sub-Watt LED Series for Lighting: TL2FK series, TL3GA series

The package photograph of white sub-watt LED series for lighting: TL2FK series, TL3GA series.

Harnessing Toshiba's semiconductor silicon wafer technology for LEDs, we are introducing a series of sub-watt type white LEDs employing GaN-on-Si technology. (10 Jul, 2013)
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Low-Cost TLP240 Photorelay Series in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation

The package photograph of Low-Cost TLP240 Photorelay Series in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation.

The TLP240 Series is a variant of the conventional TLP220 Series. It is a low-cost version that provides just the LED trigger current and switching performance that customers need. (26 Apr, 2013)
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