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The new microcontroller TMPM342FYXBG incorporates 7.5-channel motor driver and Image correction control engine suitable for single-reflex camera lenses.
14 Apr, 2014
Reinforced Insulation Triac Output Photocouplers supporting Low Input Current Control: TLP267J, TLP268J
03 Apr, 2014
3.3A Large-Current Controllable Small Photorelay: TLP3107
31 Mar, 2014
Fiber-Coupler (TOSLINKTM): TOTX1350(F), TOTX1350(V,F) / TORX1350(F), TORX1350(V,F)
31 Mar, 2014
2.3mm thin SO6L package gate driver coupler: TLP5701, TLP5702
27 Mar, 2014
Ultra-small USOP4 package, low on-state resistance, high-pass characteristics photorelay: TLP3315
26 Mar, 2014
1/2.3 inch 20M pixels 1.2 µm BSI CMOS image sensor: T4K46
13 Mar, 2014
High-Side Switch IPD with built-in diagnosis output function (Intelligent Power Device): TPD1055F
28 Feb, 2014
DPAK+ Package Pch 100V Automotive Power MOSFET: TJ15S10M3
28 Feb, 2014
1/3.07 inch 13M pixel 1.12 µm BSI CMOS image sensor with high-speed: T4K82
20 Feb, 2014
1/4 inch VGA 5.6 µm CMOS image sensor with ISP: TCM3212GBA
20 Jan, 2014
1/3 inch 1080p 2.7 µm CMOS image sensor: TCM3231PB / TCM3231PBA
20 Jan, 2014
VGA 5.6 µm CMOS image sensor with ISP: TCM3211PB
20 Jan, 2014
Low PWD IC Photocouplers for IPM Drives: TLP2345, TLP2348
25 Dec, 2013
TO-220SM(W) Package 250V N-Channel Power MOSFET for Automotive Applications: TK20F25D
20 Dec, 2013
300mA Single Output CMOS-LDO Regulator IC: TCR3D series
18 Dec, 2013
Small WSON10 Package High-side Switch IPD (Intelligent Power Device) : TPD1055FA
06 Dec, 2013
The industry's lowest ON resistance(*)(8.5mΩ) ultra-small load switch ICs with reverse current blocking and thermal shutdown functions: TCK111G, TCK112G
05 Dec, 2013
Ultra-low quiescent current, low drop-out ultra-small CMOS regulator ICs: TCR2LN Series
29 Nov, 2013
Nch Power MOSFET in a DPAK+ Package: TK65S04N1L, TK15S04N1L
28 Nov, 2013
Plus / minus input operable High-speed Photocoupler for servo motors and PLCs: TLP2391
19 Nov, 2013
150V, 200V and 250V Power MOSFET U-MOS VIII-H Series
31 Oct, 2013
A Low Voltage Operation, Small Package, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Comparator: TC75S70L6X (Single Circuit) / TC75W70L8X (Dual Circuit)
30 Oct, 2013
New Microcontrollers for Motor Control Applications Including
30 Oct, 2013
Small ESD Protection Diode Supporting High-speed Transmission Lines: DF4D7M2G
29 Oct, 2013
An ultra low capacitance (0.1pF) ESD protection diode for mobile devices and antennas: DF2B7M3SC
24 Oct, 2013
The lowest ON resistance in the industry* , ultra small load switch ICs with reverse current blocking circuits: TCK206G, TCK207G, TCK208G
18 Oct, 2013
30V Blocking Voltage Power MOSFET U-MOS VIII-H Series: TPHR9003NL, TPH1R403NL, TPH3R203NL, TPH4R003NL, TPN2R703NL, TPN4R303NL
30 Sep, 2013
5V Low Capacitance Bus Switch (1-bit SPDT): TC7SB3157DL6X
30 Sep, 2013
Toshiba Launched Microcontrollers Realizing Highly Accurate Mechanical Control.
27 Sep, 2013
High-Current TLP241A Added to the TLP240 Series of Low-Cost Photorelays in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation: TLP241A, TLP241AF
27 Sep, 2013
4-Lane SPDT Switches for DisplayPortTM (DP1.2 and DP1.1a) Signals: TC7DP612MT, TC7DP615MT
27 Sep, 2013
Two 1/4 inch 5M pixel 1.4 µm CMOS image sensors: TCM9518MD
26 Sep, 2013
TMPM384FDFG, 144-pin microcontroller realizes 5-V single-supply
13 Sep, 2013
800V Bipolar Transistor for Switching Power Supplies: TTC014
30 Aug, 2013
One-Gate Logic IC in Small sMP6 Package: TC7SZ32MX
30 Aug, 2013
1-channel Low-side Switch IPD (Intelligent Power Device) with Diagnosis Feature: TPD1054F
31 Jul, 2013
15Mbps Low-Power-Consumption Logic IC Coupler: TLP2361, TLP2161
26 Jul, 2013
Low Input Current-Type Transistor Couplers: TLP182, TLP183, TLP292, TLP293
19 Jul, 2013
White Sub-Watt LED Series for Lighting: TL2FK series, TL3GA series
10 Jul, 2013
Ultra-compact MOSFET: Supports Switches for High-current Charging and 2 Cell Batteries: SSM6J771G, SSM6K781G
28 Jun, 2013
High Voltage MOSFETs: πMOS VIII Series: TK9J90E
27 Jun, 2013
650V System Super Junction MOSFETs: TK14A65W
26 Jun, 2013
8th Generation Low Voltage N-channel MOSFETs: TPN2R203NC
25 Jun, 2013
Toshiba developed TMPM36BF10FG that incorporates the largest on-chip memory in this class of microcontroller(note1)
19 Jun, 2013
60V Voltage, 4.5V-Drive Power MOSFET UMOS VIII-H Series: TPH11006NL, TPN11006NL
14 Jun, 2013
30V Voltage Power MOSFET UMOS VIII-H Series
31 May, 2013
World’s smallest microcontroller equipped with the new vector engine:TMPM375FSDMG
15 May, 2013
Active Clamp MOSFET for Relay Drivers: SSM3K337R
26 Apr, 2013
Low-Cost TLP240 Photorelay Series in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation
26 Apr, 2013
TMPM372FWFG, low-pin count, wide pin pitch microcontroller containing hardware "Vector Engine" for handling routine computations for motor vector control realizes 5-V single-supply.
15 Apr, 2013

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