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Software IP

We have a comprehensive software IP set for customers using (or considering using) Toshiba MCU products.

ARM® Core-Based / TLCS-Family Firmware

Toshiba's Multi-touch firmware

Firmware installable in Toshiba's MCUs.

Multi-touch Solution for 4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel

Features of Toshiba's Multi-touch Technology

1. Users can use the existing 4-wire resistive panel without size limitation. The system cost can be greatly reduced.

2. The feature of 4-wire resistive panel allows users to use a stylus pen, finger nails or gloves to interact with the panel.

3. One or two touch points can be detected at a time.

4. Two coordinate values can be detected at a time. The two points can be tracked and output separately.

5. Users can select the level of filtering function to prevent malfunction.

6. In a standby state, the controller can achieve low-power consumption mode and can control the bias shutdown of a panel.

ARM is the registered trademarks of ARM Limited in the EU and other countries.


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