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One-Gate Logic (L-MOS)

Example of One-Gate Logic (L-MOS)

  1. TC stands for Toshiba CMOS.
  2. Product family (group) name
    • 4S / 4W: Standard series
    • 7S / 7W: High-speed series
    • 7SH / 7WH / 7PH: VHS series
    • 7SET: VHS series (TTL input level)
    • 7SZ / 7WZ: SHS series
    • 7SA / 7PA: AHS series
    • 7WT: High-speed series (TTL input level)
    • 7SG / 7WG / 7PG: LVP series

    * When "U" is attached to the last of a name, it shows that the product is of single buffer type.

  3. Product's function (Please refer to catalogue for details.)
  4. Improvement category of characteristics
  5. Package type
    • F: SSOP5-0.95 (SMV) / SOP8-1.27 (FM8)
    • FU: SSOP5-0.65A (USV) / SSOP6-0.65(US6) / SSOP8-0.65 (SM8)
    • FK: SSOP8-0.50A (US8)
    • FE: SON5-0.50 (ESV) / SON6-0.5(ES6)
    • FS: SON5-0.35 (fSV)
    • FC: CSON8-P-0.4 (CST8)


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