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New Products

New products of General-Purpose Logic ICs on one year in the past.

5V Low Capacitance Bus Switch (1-bit SPDT): TC7SB3157DL6X

The package photograph of 5V low capacitance bus switch (1-bit SPDT): TC7SB3157DL6X.

In addition to the current TC7SB3157CFU, general-purpose lead type package line-up, we have expanded our lineup by using MP6B (1.45mm×1.0mm), general-purpose back electrode type package, which is best suited to mobile devices requiring high-density mounting. (30 Sep, 2013)
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4-Lane SPDT Switches for DisplayPortTM (DP1.2 and DP1.1a) Signals: TC7DP612MT, TC7DP615MT

The package photograph of 4-Lane SPDT switches for DisplayPort (DP1.2 and DP1.1a) signals: TC7DP612MT, TC7DP615MT.

The TC7DP612MT and TC7DP615MT are 4-Lane channel SPDT switches, compatible with DisplayPort(TM) 1.2 (5.4Gbps) and DisplayPort(TM) 1.1a (2.7Gbps) signals. In addition to DisplayPort(TM) (DATA: 4-Lane), they also support Auxiliary (AUX: 1-Lane) and Hot Plug Detect (HPD: 2-Line) signal switching, and are ideal for HDMI® signal switching as well. (27 Sep, 2013)
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One-Gate Logic IC in Small sMP6 Package: TC7SZ32MX

The package photograph of one-gate logic IC in small sMP6 package: TC7SZ32MX.

We have developed TC7SZ series IC with a small sMP6 package. It is ideal for mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, tablet devices, laptop PCs and digital cameras. (30 Aug, 2013)
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