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TC78B002FTG A photo of single-phase, axial-flow fan motor evaluation board.
  • Single-phase, axial-flow fan motor evaluation board
    This evaluation board incorporates the TC78B002FTG and allows you to evaluate the operations of a single-phase, axial-flow fan motor. The newly designed digital control logic shapes the motor current into a close approximation of a sine wave. It provides smoother motor rotation, higher motor efficiency and further acoustic noise reduction than the conventional block commutation. The use of digital control allows an external device to control the amplitude and phase of the output waveform, as well as the modulation method.

    This evaluation board has all the devices necessary to evaluate the TC78B002FTG. You can experiment with its digital control functionality just by attaching a single-phase, full-wave brushless motor and a DC power supply to the board.

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  • The Engineers would introduce our Motor Control semiconductors, these are Microcomputers, Motordrivers, and Intelligent Power Devices.
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