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Features of Toshiba Motor Drivers

High functionality and low power consumption by utilizing the Mixed DMOS (BiCD) process.

Fabricated using the mixed DMOS (BiCD) process technology, these motor drivers offer higher voltage and current capabilities than the existing Bi-CMOS drivers.

This is a comparison chart of Bi-CMOS drivers and BiCD drivers.

A wide range of package lineups.

Toshiba motor drivers are offered in various packages as shown below and they are applicable to a wide variety of assemblies.

This figure shows Toshiba motor drivers package lineup.

Enhanced features for detecting abnormality (TSD, ISD and POR)

Power-On Reset (POR):
Prevents operation failures when powering on/off the device.
Thermal Shutdown (TSD):
Thermal detection circuitry that detects unusual overheating events of the device.
Overcurrent Shutdown (ISD):
Overcurrent detection circuitry that stops device operation when any of the device terminals are short circuited to power supply or ground.



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