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LED Drivers

LED drivers are used in an increasingly wide variety of applications.
Toshiba offers a broad array of LED drivers featuring constant-current drivers with excellent LED current accuracy. Included in Toshiba's LED driver portfolio are not only standard LED drivers but also those with PWM dimming control, current gain control and various error detection functions. Toshiba's product lineups also include LED drivers with a DC-DC converter that are ideal for mobile equipment applications.

LED Drivers by Application

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Introduction of an Evaluation Board

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TC62D902FG A photo of evaluation board for an LED power control IC for lighting applications.
  • Evaluation board for an LED power control IC for lighting applications
    This evaluation board incorporates the TC62D902FG for LED power control designed for the isolated flyback topology. The TC62D902FG controls the average LED current via the peak current level of the primary side of a transformer and the control pulse width, eliminating the need for an LED current detection circuit on the secondary side.

    This evaluation board operates from a 100-Vac power supply. You can experiment with triac-dimming LED lighting applications just by attaching an LED load with a 13- to 24-V output and a triac dimmer to the board.

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