Camera Interface Bridge

Camera resolutions are becoming higher. The camera Interface bridge enables high-speed transfer of camera image data.

Block Diagram of Camera Interface Bridge.


Camera Interface Bridge Line up

Par Number TC358746AXBG TC358748XBG
Package Image
The product photograph of TC358746AXBG.
The product photograph of TC358748XBG.
Input (1) MIPI® CSI-2 4 Data Lanes × 1ch
(2) Parallel input 24bit@154MHz
Output (1) Parallel output 24bit@100MHz
(2) MIPI® CSI-2 4 Data Lanes × 1ch
Package BGA72 (72 balls)
4.5 mm × 4.5 mm, 0.4 mm Ball pitch
BGA80 (80 balls)
7.0 mm × 7.0 mm, 0.65 mm Ball pitch
Status MP MP
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