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Mixed-Signal Controllers

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Mixed-Signal Controllers
- Intelligent analog-based control solutions -

Basic Concept of Mixed-Signal Controllers

Solutions Using On-Chip Analog Circuits and Embedded Software

Solutions Using On-Chip Analog Circuits and Embedded Software

Things Software Can Do Easily

What Is a Mixed-Signal Controller ?

The term "mixed-signal" means an integrated circuit that contains both analog and digital circuit elements. Toshiba's mixed-signal controller incorporates a CPU on the same chip to allow adjustment of the characteristics of on-chip analog circuits.

The market of Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) sensors is growing rapidly, with many applications being introduced one after another. The mixed-signal controller is specifically designed to address such needs by integrating peripheral circuits on the same chip. Embedded software for the controller simplifies sensor calibration, and the integrated peripheral circuits reduce board component count.

What Is a Mixed-Signal Controller ?

Combination of Analog Circuits and Embedded Software

Embedded software is executed by the CPU and peripheral functions such as a timer and a serial I/O, whereas the integrated analog circuits such as an op amp, multiplexer and lowpass filter capture analog data from various sensor devices.

The mixed-signal controller offers a solution for incorporating even the main MCU on the same chip.

Product Summary TMP89FH00DUG/TMP89FH00WBG

8-bit  48-pin  TLCS-870 Family  TLCS-870/C1 Series
Ultra-compact sub-microcontrollers capable of directly connecting and sampling multi-axis resistive bridge sensors
  • Datasheet  (Product Summary is also available.)
TLCS-870/C1 CPU Core
  • Operating voltage
    2.2 to 3.6 V at 5 MHz
  • Dual Clocks
    5 MHz (built-in), 300 kHz (built-in)
Built-in Functions
  • Sensor sampling circuit (resistive bridge type) : 4-axis inputs
  • Offset voltage adjustment circuit
  • Power-on reset circuit
  • On-chip debug function
  • 10-bit AD converter : 4 channels
  • 16-bit timer : 1 channel
  • SIO : 1 channel
  • I2C : 1 channel

system block

Flash Memory Size
  • ROM (Flash): 16 Kbytes
  • RAM: 1 Kbyte
Package Information
  • LQFP48-P-0707-0.50D
  • S-WFBG39-0404-0.50A01 (Tentative)
  • * This product uses the SuperFlash® technology under license of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. Super Flash® is a registered trademark of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.

Future Roadmap for Sensor Support

Future Roadmap for Sensor Support

Toshiba is planning to develop mixed-signal controllers for a wide variety of sensors, including products in compact packages highly demanded by sensor applications. Sample software will also be made available.

Bare die products can be supplied as well as packaged products. By integrating sensor devices and an MCU in a single package, Toshiba's mixed-signal controller helps develop an intelligent sensor. Toshiba is dedicated to delivering the best solutions for your needs by supporting application-specific customization and software development.

Software Development Support

Toshiba offers a suite of sample software that can be commonly used for various sensors (such as automatic offset calibration and averaging routines). Toshiba also provides application software for specific types of sensor (e.g., tilt sensing, vibration sensing, etc. for acceleration sensors). For details, contact your nearest Toshiba sales representative.

Starter Kit

The photo of Starter Kit

The software running on the TMP89FH00 calibrates sensor data and translates it into a digital form so that the PC can display sensor data without processing it in any way. Additionally, the PC can issue simple data manipulation instructions to the TMP89FH00; thus sensor data can be adjusted on the starter kit side according to the sensor connected. You can also collect logs while viewing a waveform display at the same time.

  • Overview
    Toshiba offers a starter kit for sensor applications that contains a mixed-signal controller with the TMP89FH00 microcontroller with preloaded software. The starter kit board has a connector for attaching a variety of sensors. You can verify the operation of the TMP89FH00 on a PC by connecting the board via a USB cable.
  • Features
    • Sensor data calibration by the TMP89FH00 alone
    • Bidirectional communications between a PC and a starter kit
    • Operates with USB power
    • Plug-in sensor replacement
  • Deliverables
    The starter kit consists of PC software and a controller board.
    Controller board: Contains the TMP89FH00DUG on-board.
    • PC software
    • USB driver
    • User manual
    • * No USB cable is included in deliverables.
  • Support services
    Toshiba offers a start kit to customers who wish to evaluate a mixed-signal controller. Contact your nearest Toshiba sales representative.


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