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Class-G Headphone Amplifier: TC94B06WBG

The TC94B06WBG is a class-G stereo headphone amplifier IC with electronic volume.
The integrated charge pump circuit eliminates the need for external coupling capacitors, and the left and right channels share a common ground. TC94B06WBG is ideal for mobile phone, digital audio player and other applications.


Package: WCSP16
WCSP16 (1.65 mm□) 
0.4 mm/Pitch 0.26 mm/Ball

  • Electronic volume function + headphone amplifier
  • High-efficiency class-G amplifier
  • Output coupling capacitor-less
  • Quiescent current: IDDQ = 1.3 mA (typ.)
  • S/N ratio (A-weighted): 102 dB (typ.)
  • Low distortion: THD+N = 0.015% (typ.)
  • Power supply rejection ratio (PSRR):
    102 dB (typ.)
  • Channel separation: SEP = 82 dB (typ.)
  • Electronic volume function:
    32 steps (-59 to +4 dB), Mute function
  • Operating supply voltage range:
    VDD(opr) = 2.3 to 4.8 V (Ta=25℃)
  • Operating temperature range:
    T(opr) = -30 to 85℃

Block Diagram

This figure shows Block Diagram of TC94B06WBG.

Class-G Amplifier Rail Switching

This figure shows Class-G Amplifier Rail Switching.


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