Broadcast receiving section

PIF and SIF Systems
AGC IF Peak AGC Supply Voltage
RF Backward Forward
  5 V
(M/N standard)
  5 V
  5 V

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Digital OFDM Demodulators

Toshiba offers OFDM demodulation and error correction ICs designed for Japanese satellite, digital terrestrial and 1seg receiver applications for digital home appliances, car navigation systems and mobile devices.

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System control section

Video/Audio Processors

- High-performance video/audio processors ideal for increasingly sophisticated TV applications -
The ongoing blending of broadcasting and Internet Protocol (IP) services is spurring the need for video/audio processors capable of demodulating not only traditional broadcast signals but also IP packets. Toshiba's product offerings also include state-of-the-art processors that incorporate brand-new video/audio technologies such as 3D.

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Display section

LED Backlight Controller (TC90260XBG)
  • LED backlight controller for LCD TV applications with white LED support
  • Low power consumption, high contrast ratio and mercury-free
  • Video signal processing (Per-pixel gain control according to backlight requirements)
    1080P, LVDS support (60/50 Hz or 120/100/94 Hz)
  • Driver interface
    12-bit brightness/dimming control; programmable
  • Control via I2C bus

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External interfaces

I/O Expander

The I/O Expander IC enables system expansion by providing connectivity to general-purpose I/O ports, keypads and LEDs. As the number of I/O interfaces required on cameras increases, its flexible expansion capability is beneficial. You can create a new variant of an existing camera without having to make significant changes to it.

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HDMI 1.4 Adapter IC

The HDMI 1.4 adapter IC can be used as an add-on to existing HDMI 1.3 systems to provide HDMI 1.4 compliance.
You can create HDMI 1.4-compliant applications without having to make significant changes to an existing design.

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Remote control

Part Number Function Package
TC9243APG/AFG Used for transmission; 32 functions controllable through simultaneous multiple key presses DIP20

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