Wireless Power Transfer

Toshiba is developing LSI for Wireless Power Charger (WPC Conformity).

System Block Diagram

This is a system block diagram of a wireless power charger.

  • Features of the TB6865FG (Under development; samples to be available in July, 2012)
    • Cost- and space-saving single-package solution (MCU + analog)
    • Simultaneous charging of up to two devices
    • Position-free (2-coil control architecture)
  • Features of the TB6860WBG (Under development; samples to be available in August, 2012)
    • High-current output due to the use of a switching DC-DC converter (maximum output: 950 mA)
    • Various charge control sequences
      (Programmable via an I2C bus)
    • Fail-safe detection for input voltage, output current and die temperature

Application Examples
  • Smartphones, digital still cameras,
    other portable devices
Recommended Parts

Wireless Power Transfer ICs

Part Number Applications Features Operating Input
Voltage (V)
Output Current
Max (A)
Switching Frequency
TB6860WBG** Receiver IC Sync. rectifier,
DC-DC converter,
LDO regulator for
MCU (3.3 V)
3.4 to 15.0 1.2 3.0 WCSP39
TB6865FG** Transmitter IC MCU, pre-buffer,
simultaneous charging of
two devices
Analog (Pre Driver)
4.5 to 15.0
Digital 2.7 to 3.6
- - LQFP100
  • **: Under development

Low-Voltage Power MOSFETs for Bridge Applications

Part Number Applications Polarity VDSS (V) VGSS (V) ID (A) RDS (ON) Max(mΩ) Package
SSM6K504NU* MOSFET for bridge applications N-ch 30 ±20 9 26 UDFN6
SSM6N55NU* MOSFET for bridge applications N-ch x 2 30 ±20 4 64 UDFN6
SSM6P49NU* MOSFET for bridge applications P-ch x 2 30 ±12 -4 56 UDFN6
  • *: New products


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