Smart Technology

Smart Connectivity

TransferJet is Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology for featuring Very High speed transfer "375Mbps", Simple operation "Just Touch", Safe communication "Short transmission distance".
  • High Speed Data Transferring

New Spec Bluetooth v4.0 compliant, EDR & LE support, Small Package and Low Power Consumption.
  • Audio
  • Personal Health Care

Toshiba WiFi LSI is All in One 802.11 a/b/g/n Baseband Solution integrated 32bit RISC MCU and Memory for standalone operation.
  • Home Area Network

Smart Interface

ToSpeak is Toshiba’s Text To Speech (TTS) middleware which generates highly natural TTS voice using small size speech database.

Smart Technology

CMOS Image Sensor
Toshiba offers CMOS area image sensors with a wide range of resolution from VGA to over 10 million pixels. They are available in module, package and die forms.
  • BSI Technology
  • Computational Camera

Power Management
  • Wireless Power
    High efficiency and Free position system by 0.13um process and DC/DC converter technology and Peripheral.
  • USB Charger
    High efficiency and Quick Charging via USB by 0.13um process and DC/DC converter technology.

Mobile Audio
(Audio Codec + Echo/Noise Cancellation, Speaker/Headphone Amplifier)
Toshiba mobile Audio ICs meet the Smart Phone market demands such as Performance, sound quality, noise suppression and power savings.
  • Echo/Noise Canceller
  • ToSpeak™

Application equipments

Smart Phone
Smart Phones and Tablet PCs continue to progress toward higher functionality and performance. Toshiba contributes to the evolution of the mobile system-involving very high speed files and data transfer with TransferJet™, High Efficient and quick Charger with WPC wireless charger and USB charger solution, High quality voice and sound with Audio CODECs and Amplifiers for Smart Phone, Tablet PCs and Smart accessories.

Cell Phone
Cell phones continue to progress toward higher functionality and performance with the widespread use of third-generation models. Toshiba contributes to the evolution of the mobile system-involving image capture, display and recording with CMOS image sensor and memories for cell phones.

Radio-frequency devices for FRS/GMRS radios are introduced.


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