Smart Meters

Smart meters (digital electricity meters with integrated communication modules) that are increasingly installed in the world, must provide accurate meter reading, provisions for different communication systems and a high level of circuit integration. Toshiba offers total solutions for smart metering that encompass ARM Cortex™-M cores, metrology MCUs, communication MCUs and discrete components.

Block Diagram

Smart Meter Block Diagram  Protection Diodes against ESD LDO DC-DC converter ICs Magnet Sensors (For unauthorized access prevention applications) Diodes Protection Diodes against ESD Diodes Small-Signal MOSFETs Photocouplers CMOS Logic Photorelays (For use at external output pins) Diodes MCU Power MOSFETs MCU

Product Introduction

  • MCUs for Measurement Unit
  • MCUs for Communication Unit
General-Purpose Linear ICs
General-Purpose Logic ICs
Optical Semiconductor Devices
  • Photocouplers (Signal isolation)
    • Transistor-output photocouplers with a data rate of up to a few kbps: TLP291/185/785
    • IC-output photocouplers with a data rate of up to 1 Mbps: TLP2309, TLP714
    • IC-output photocouplers with a data rate of up to 20 Mbps: TLP2366, TLP2766
  • Photorelays (For use at external output pins)
  • Digital-output Magnetic sensors
    • For unauthorized access prevention applications
      (door open-close monitors, magnetic detection for anti-electricity stealing)

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New products

New products of Smart Meters on one year in the past.

Fiber-Coupler (TOSLINKTM): TOTX1350(F), TOTX1350(V,F) / TORX1350(F), TORX1350(V,F)

The package photograph of fiber-coupler (TOSLIN(TM)): TOTX1350(F), TOTX1350(V,F) / TORX1350(F), TORX1350(V,F).

Fiber optic transmitting modules TOTX1350(F) / TOTX1350(V,F) and fiber optic receiving modules TORX1350(F) / TORX1350(V,F) can send / receive signals from DC to 10 Mb/s with low consumption current using all plastic fiber (APF) to a maximum distance of 100 m. (31 Mar, 2014)
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High-Current TLP241A Added to the TLP240 Series of Low-Cost Photorelays in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation: TLP241A, TLP241AF

The package photograph of low-cost TLP240 photorelay series in DIP4 with reinforced insulation.

The high-current TLP241A has been added to the TLP240 series of low-cost photorelays in DIP4 with reinforced insulation. With a guaranteed maximum on-state current of 2A, it is particularly well suited for use in factory automation (FA), which requires the control of high current. (27 Sep, 2013)
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Low-Cost TLP240 Photorelay Series in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation

The package photograph of Low-Cost TLP240 Photorelay Series in DIP4 with Reinforced Insulation.

The TLP240 Series is a variant of the conventional TLP220 Series. It is a low-cost version that provides just the LED trigger current and switching performance that customers need. (26 Apr, 2013)
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