Bidet Toilets

The most basic feature of a bidet toilet is that a jet of water cleanses a user. The nozzle is also self-cleaning. The advanced features include massage options, which provide a vibrating and pulsating jet of water. The latest energy-saving development is a toilet seat that quickly warms up after a sensor is activated as you approach.

Block Diagram

The block diagram of Bidet Toilets

Product Introduction

  • MCUs for main control
  • MCUs for remote control
General-Purpose Linear ICs
  • Nozzle Motor (Forward and reverse rotation)
    • Motor Controllers/Drivers
  • Fan Motors (Deodorization and warm-air fan motors)
    • Motor Controllers/Drivers
  • Seat and Lid Open/Close Motors
    • Motor Controllers/Drivers
  • PFC Control
    • PFC(IC)
  • Power supply
    • Regulator ICs
Optical Semiconductor Devices
  • Heater Driver
    • Photocouplers
  • PFC Circuit
    • IGBTs
  • General-Purpose Surge Absorption and Circuit Protection
    • Zener Diodes
    • ESD Protection Diodes
    • Switching Diodes
    • Schottky Barrier Diodes

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