Digital consumer electronics

The evolution of television services knows no bounds. More and more attractive services are vying for our attention. High-definition TV broadcasting provides outstanding picture and sound quality. Standard-definition broadcasting offers multichannel programming and various data services, as well as television services for cell phones and moving vehicles such as automobiles. Additionally, we have Internet Protocol television (IPTV) services that provide a mixture of TV and Internet content, LED-backlit televisions, 3D televisions and so on. Furthermore, no longer are televisions only for watching TV programs. They are now used to enjoy pictures and videos from digital cameras, to record hours of TV programs and to send information bidirectionally via the Internet connection. Televisions are increasingly becoming more like “multimedia home stations.” Toshiba offers total solutions for a wide range of applications from traditional analog TVs to state-of-the-art digital TVs.

HDD/DVD Recorders
HDD/DVD recorders, the mainstream of home video recorders of today, are centered on models with multiple tuners or with capability to record digital High-Vision broadcast as the HDD capacity gets larger. To satisfy such needs in the market, Toshiba is ready to provide an extensive lineup of discreet general-purpose devices as well as dedicated ICs.

Digital Still Cameras
The popularity of digital still cameras has been soaring as the single-lens reflex type is added to high-end models with high resolution and functionality. Compact models also continue to enjoy popularity due to higher pixel counts and magnification zoom as well as improvements in user-friendliness including larger size LCD monitors and faster start-up. Reduction in size and weight is also in progress. Toshiba provides a wide variety of devices to satisfy these needs.

Digital Video Cameras
Digital video cameras are now available with various recording media such as magnetic tape, DVD and HDD. Some of them are capable of Hi-Vision recording and provide increasingly higher image definition and functionality. Toshiba offers a wide variety of devices to satisfy these needs.

Set-Top Boxes
A set-top box-which receives broadcast signals of TV (digital/analog), IP (VOD etc.), cable TV, or satellite broadcast to convert them into signals for TV viewing-comes with such functions as HDD recording, virtually becoming like a home-server. Toshiba is ready to provide a wide variety of input, output, and peripheral devices.

Various types of digital audio systems have been brought to the market along with the advancement in digital technology. Particularly, the popularity of portable digital audio players has been soaring today. Those players use a memory card or HDD as recording media to store music data with such high-level compression formats as MP3, WMA, or AAC. Digital audio systems are spreading into the world of not only portable audio players but also car audio equipment. Toshiba provides dedicated ICs to support those systems, and also an extensive lineup of peripheral devices.

AM Turners
Radio-frequency devices for AM tuners are introduced.

FM Turners
Radio-frequency devices for FM tuners are introduced.


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