Digital Video Cameras

Digital video cameras are now available with various recording media such as magnetic tape, DVD and HDD. Some of them are capable of Hi-Vision recording and provide increasingly higher image definition and functionality. Toshiba offers a wide variety of devices to satisfy these needs.

Block Diagram

This is the block diagram of Digital Video Cameras. SLC NAND Capture Section Display Section Interface Section Storage Photo flash Section System Control Section Power Supply Section

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New products

New products of Digital Video Cameras on one year in the past.

300mA Single Output CMOS-LDO Regulator IC: TCR3D series

The package photograph of 300mA single output CMOS-LDO regulator IC: TCR3D series.

The TCR3D series are 300 mA single output CMOS-LDO regulator ICs featuring low drop-out, low output noise and low inrush current. (18 Dec, 2013)
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The industry's lowest ON resistance(*)(8.5mΩ) ultra-small load switch ICs with reverse current blocking and thermal shutdown functions: TCK111G, TCK112G

The package photograph of the industry's lowest ON resistance (8.5mΩ) ultra-small load switch ICs with reverse current blocking and thermal shutdown functions: TCK111G, TCK112G.

The TCK111G and TCK112G are ultra-small load switch ICs featuring low voltage operation, ultra-low ON resistance, low quiescent current, and with reverse current blocking and thermal shutdown functions. (05 Dec, 2013)
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Ultra-low quiescent current, low drop-out ultra-small CMOS regulator ICs: TCR2LN Series

The package photograph of ultra-low quiescent current, low drop-out ultra-small CMOS regulator ICs: TCR2LN Series.

The TCR2LN series are ultra-low quiescent current, low drop-out CMOS process 200mA single output LDO regulator ICs with a control terminal. Output voltage of TCR2LN series is fixed and the lineup of output voltage is from 0.8V to 3.6V. (29 Nov, 2013)
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A Low Voltage Operation, Small Package, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Comparator: TC75S70L6X (Single Circuit) / TC75W70L8X (Dual Circuit)

The package photograph of a low voltage operation, small package, rail-to-rail input/output comparator: TC75S70L6X, TC75W70L8X.

This is a CMOS rail-to-rail input/output comparator featuring low voltage operation and small package. (30 Oct, 2013)
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Small ESD Protection Diode Supporting High-speed Transmission Lines: DF4D7M2G

The package photograph of small ESD protection diode supporting high-speed transmission lines: DF4D7M2G.

Toshiba provides a low capacitance product supporting two high-speed data transmission lines. This product is suitable for ESD protection of USB 3.0 ports in mobile devices and for low noise amplifiers (LNA) in RF antennas. (29 Oct, 2013)
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An ultra low capacitance (0.1pF) ESD protection diode for mobile devices and antennas: DF2B7M3SC

The package photograph of an ultra low capacitance (0.1pF) ESD protection diode for mobile devices and antennas: DF2B7M3SC.

Toshiba provides an ESD protection diode that protects high speed interface circuits such as USB3.0, HDMI®, eSATA, DisplayPort(TM) and Thunderbolt(TM) from ESD (static electricity) and has realized 0.1pF total capacitance. (24 Oct, 2013)
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The lowest ON resistance in the industry* , ultra small load switch ICs with reverse current blocking circuits: TCK206G, TCK207G, TCK208G

The package photograph of ultra small load switch ICs: TCK206G, TCK207G, TCK208G.

The products are ultra-small load switch ICs embedded with reverse current blocking circuits that offer very low input voltage operation, very low ON resistance and low current consumption. (18 Oct, 2013)
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5V Low Capacitance Bus Switch (1-bit SPDT): TC7SB3157DL6X

The package photograph of 5V low capacitance bus switch (1-bit SPDT): TC7SB3157DL6X.

In addition to the current TC7SB3157CFU, general-purpose lead type package line-up, we have expanded our lineup by using MP6B (1.45mm×1.0mm), general-purpose back electrode type package, which is best suited to mobile devices requiring high-density mounting. (30 Sep, 2013)
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One-Gate Logic IC in Small sMP6 Package: TC7SZ32MX

The package photograph of one-gate logic IC in small sMP6 package: TC7SZ32MX.

We have developed TC7SZ series IC with a small sMP6 package. It is ideal for mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, tablet devices, laptop PCs and digital cameras. (30 Aug, 2013)
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Ultra-compact MOSFET: Supports Switches for High-current Charging and 2 Cell Batteries: SSM6J771G, SSM6K781G

The package photograph of  ultra-compact MOSFET: supports switches for high-current charging and 2 cell batteries: SSM6J771G, SSM6K781G.

As the battery capacity of mobile devices increases, there is also a significant increase in the charging current used. We have achieved products that support high currents for high power dissipation packages. This product is suitable for switches for high-current charging circuits and 2 cell batteries. (28 Jun, 2013)
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8th Generation Low Voltage N-channel MOSFETs: TPN2R203NC

The package photograph of  8th generation low voltage N-channel MOSFETs: TPN2R203NC

We have introduced TPN2R203NC, which uses the latest 8th generation process, to the low ON-resistance MOSFET lineup for lithium-ion battery protection circuits and mobile phone power management switches. The product helps reduce the conduction loss of devices. (25 Jun, 2013)
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