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New products of Automotive on one year in the past.

High-Side Switch IPD with built-in diagnosis output function (Intelligent Power Device): TPD1055F

The package photograph of high-side switch IPD with built-in diagnosis output function: TPD1055F.

Toshiba has developed TPD1055F, targeted at solenoid valve drivers used for the control of automobile automatic transmissions (AT/CVT) and other applications. (28 Feb, 2014)
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DPAK+ Package Pch 100V Automotive Power MOSFET: TJ15S10M3

The package photograph of DPAK+ package Pch 100V automotive power MOSFET: TJ15S10M3.

We have added a DPAK+ package automotive power MOSFET (Pch U-MOSVI) to our range of 100V products. (28 Feb, 2014)
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TO-220SM(W) Package 250V N-Channel Power MOSFET for Automotive Applications: TK20F25D

The package photograph of TO-220SM(W) package 250V N-channel power MOSFET for automotive applications: TK20F25D.

A 250V product is added to the automotive MOSFET lineup of TO-220SM(W) package featuring low thermal resistance by Cu connector structure. (20 Dec, 2013)
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Small WSON10 Package High-side Switch IPD (Intelligent Power Device) : TPD1055FA

The package photograph of small WSON10 package high-side switch IPD: TPD1055FA.

Toshiba has developed TPD1055FA, targeted at solenoid valve drivers used for the control of automobile automatic transmissions (AT/CVT) and other applications. (06 Dec, 2013)
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Nch Power MOSFET in a DPAK+ Package: TK65S04N1L, TK15S04N1L

The package photograph of Nch power MOSFET in a DPAK+ Package: TK65S04N1L, TK15S04N1L

We have added the latest generation (Nch U-MOS VIII-H) Power MOSFET for automotive applications to our DPAK+ Package lineup. (28 Nov, 2013)
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800V Bipolar Transistor for Switching Power Supplies: TTC014

The package photograph of 800V bipolar transistor for switching power supplies: TTC014.

There is typically trade-off between DC current gain (hFE) and blocking voltage. However we have realized both high collector-emitter voltage (VCEO=800V) and high DC current gain (hFE=100 min) by applying the latest fine pattern technology. (30 Aug, 2013)
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1-channel Low-side Switch IPD (Intelligent Power Device) with Diagnosis Feature: TPD1054F

The package photograph of 1-channel low-side switch IPD with diagnosis feature: TPD1054F.

This product has been designed to improve on the features of the conventional product, the TPD1044F. It achieves the same ON-resistance as the conventional product. And diagnostic output has been built in through the introduction of BiCD process, which allows us to anticipate even greater sophistication of features in the future. (31 Jul, 2013)
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Active Clamp MOSFET for Relay Drivers: SSM3K337R

The package photograph of Active Clamp MOSFET for Relay Drivers: SSM3K337R.

In recent years, with the growing sophistication of automobiles, the number of electrical components is increasing, and consequently demand for relay driver MOSFET is rising. This product uses an active clamp structure which is resistant to the induction load of relays and the like. The ON-resistance has been reduced by approximately half compared with conventional products, and has been mounted into an SOT-23F package with good radiation performance. (26 Apr, 2013)
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